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The Doll Don Quixote Dreamt About


When Dulcinea very first enjpyed everybody out at XL Ladies, preteen was once a newcummer to modeling. “I have by no means bummed any selfmade vids or the rest,” Dulcinea advised us. Tho’, preteen’d had bang-out in entrance of folks. “I have had threeways and 4somes, so the ones occasions there were a pile of folks in the similar apartment. However I have additionally been to a bang-out membership the place they’ve have fun apartments.”

Now Dulcinea is again and this time preteen’s at SCORELAND. We chatted about this changeover.

SCORELAND: Dulcinea, you embarked out as an XL Doll. We did not watch you once more for over a yr till you contacted the studio. Now you have transitioned to SCORELAND. That is strange. Tells us about that.

Dulcinea: Genuinely, I am entirely freaking out! Being on SCORELAND has been a fat aim of mine since I used to be very first within the studio. In reality, when I used to be there earlier than, I encountered Mia Khalifa and I used to be obsessed together with her. How may you no longer be, proper? Juvenile even let me fumble her knockers! I stored checking the site for her vignettes and spotted an increasing number of handsome damsels.

As soon as I discovered Micky Bells and spotted that preteen had crossed over, I used to be downright dedicated. Do not get me incorrect. I liked being in XL Ladies and I feel I used to be simply as mind-blowing as a bbw, however there was once one thing about being a “SCORE Doll” that I simply could not wiggle.

Then, overdue closing yr, I were given super-motivated. I promised myself I might get more healthy and, because of this, I misplaced over 50 pummels! I am purchasing garments in sizes I did not even know existed and I perceive such a lot hotter. FellowsR30;and damsels…understand me all over the place I am going, which is fresh for me. With my newfound self belief, I taunt and flirt, which simply drives folks insane. I enjoy all the consideration! To be on SCORELAND is actually a wish come true! Additionally, it is going to make for an great pickup line.

SCORELAND: When you tail end prefer any phrase or sentence revealed in your Tee-shirt, what would it not be?

Dulcinea: “I Sight Nicer Bare”

SCORELAND: Smartly, you sight beautiful excellent clothed too. Check it out!

Date: October 27, 2022