Porn Of The Week

A dude is worth a handle after a stiff day of labor, and our guy Rocky is ready to get a juicy one. Fate is our recent discovery from sunny Miami, Florida the place women which are slender within the mid-body and meaty within the caboose appear to get bigger at the hand timber.

Rocky, who is getting some gardening paintings screwed, units down his wheelbarrow as briefly as Fate saunters into look. Rocky luvs what he witnesses, and so does Fate. Cub embarks fondling on his weenie when he makes his excess of to her. They stroll inwards and Rocky commences to idolize her meaty caboose. Rocky crops his face tightly inbetween her caboose derrière and this highly spiced Cuban dish juggles and dirty dances on it.

Rocky is simply getting a style of Fate’s abilities presently, tho’. Cub’s going to present him the full-course meal with the entire fixings. Inhaling his weenie is the appetizer, adopted through a various entrée of cowgirl and rcg with a facet of rear end and missionary. And Rocky is type sufficient to conform Fate dessert: a ample, mammary layer of man meat pudding on her meaty caboose.

Date: October 18, 2023