Porn Of The Week

“I really like to shop for fresh boots. And I do know that my heel fellow loves it, too. When I am getting a fresh cantaloupes, we now have a ritual. I style them for him after which we smash them in in combination. I de-robe them off leisurely and I’m going to pound the gaps inbetween my feet with the heel till his stiffy is hard and my puss is dribbling moist. Then I’m going to deep-throat the high-heeled shoes, one at a time and finger my puss whilst he observes. Figuring out that he’s tugging his pink cigar only for me makes me highly insatiable. From time to time he shoots a load in my boots and I let it sodden in. That means, once I put them on, I cheeks sense the dried gravy on my naked feet all day. And once I come house, I order him to his knees and let him deep-throat on my musky soles till they are tidy.”

Date: August 22, 2022